Embassy Sponsors the Independent Journalists’ Association of Serbia’s Awards for Excellence in Investigative Reporting

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On Tuesday, May 5, Ambassador Michael D. Kirby will join journalists and representatives from the Independent Journalists’ Association of Serbia to honor Serbia’s investigative reporters in a special awards ceremony held at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts.

Every year in May, we celebrate World Press Freedom Day, a day set aside to recognize the irreplaceable contribution that a free press makes to a healthy and successful democracy. Brave journalists, and their courageous editors, play an invaluable role in the modern world – by giving voice to alternative ideas and questioning the status quo, they urge society on to a better and truer version of itself. We honor those who risk their lives, and their fortunes, in pursuit of a truly free society.

The Independent Journalists’ Association of Serbia, with the sponsorship support of the Embassy, established the first awards for excellence in investigative reporting in Serbia in 2006. This year, in their tenth incarnation, awards will be given in three categories: television and radio, on-line, and print media.

Journalists interested in reporting from the Awards Ceremony should be at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Bulevar umetnosti 20, Novi Beograd, on Tuesday, May 5, no later than 12:45 p.m.

For information on the journalists who have been nominated, please visit the Independent Journalists’ Association of Serbia’s website at www.nuns.rs.