Statement on verdict in case of 2008 attack on embassies in Belgrade

In response to media inquiries about a decision by the Higher Court in Belgrade to impose suspended sentences on nine people for endangering public safety in the 2008 arson attacks against the U.S. and other embassies, on September 9, 2015, the Embassy released the following statement:

The Embassy of the United States has learned of the verdict delivered by the Higher Court in Belgrade earlier today. We respect the rule of law in Serbia. It is our understanding that additional inquiries are ongoing. We renew our call for a thorough investigation of the facts and expect that justice will be done.

Ambassador Kirby elaborated in comments to the press on September 11, 2015, that there might well be other people responsible for the police abandoning their posts and failing to protect the German, Croatian, and U.S. embassies from the 2008 attacks. “We believe someone is responsible for police withdrawal from the embassies, which threatened their safety,” and this means there is more work to be done in this case.