Ambassador Scott Marks the World Refugee Day

On Tuesday, June 20, Ambassador Kyle Scott, along with Serbian Commissioner for Refugees and Migration Vladimir Cucić and Catholic Relief Services Europe Zone Representative Marc D’Silva, will mark World Refugee Day with a visit to a beneficiary of the Regional Housing Program in Ilinci in the Municipality of Šid. Ambassador Scott will use the opportunity to meet and talk to former refugees from Croatia who are constructing a durable housing solution and supporting themselves thanks in part to U.S. support. At the site we will see pro bono work being done by other former refugees who previously received U.S. assistance and are now contributing back to their community.

Over the past 13 years, the U.S. Government has provided more than $10 million in direct support to refugees and displaced persons. Through that support, our partner Catholic Relief Services has delivered free legal aid to approximately 30,000 people and vocational training and income generation grants for 1,700 people to start new jobs and support their families. In addition, through the Regional Housing Program the U.S. has donated $20 million to resolve the housing problems of displaced persons and refugees from ex-Yugoslavia.

Journalists interested in photographing and reporting on the visit to the beneficiary should be Ilinci, Karađorđeva 50, municipality of Šid

at 10:50 am on Tuesday, June 20.