Apollo 11 documentary movie screening at Dom Omladine

Recognize David Vuich, the last surviving member of the Serbian Apollo Seven. Stick around after the movie; he’ll be here to answer some questions.

50 years ago, on this day, two men landed on the moon.  Six hours later, Niel Armstrong set foot on the surface of the moon, taking “one small step for man, on giant leap for mankind.” Behind them stood 1000’s of scientists, engineers, workmen, technicians — an entire nation.

Tonight’s documentary = their story as much as Armstrong/Aldrin’s. I hope you enjoy this inspiring film, and that it helps us reflect on what we can achieve if we all pull together toward a shared goal – no matter how far or daunting it seems.

Seven Serbs played key roles in putting a man on the moon.  Just think of what seven million Serbs can do. You Are the World.