Bechtel MOU signing with the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure

This month the U.S. and Serbia are remembering the 100th anniversary of our successful partnership during World War I.  Our trade relations, however, go back even deeper.  On October 14, 1881, the first commerce and consular treaty was signed between the U.S. and Serbia.  I’m told one of the first exports to the U.S. was dried plums.

Last month I was proud to sign the U.S.-Serbia memorandum of understanding on infrastructure cooperation. Today, we see the first results of that MOU and we proudly welcome greater engagement and cooperation in Serbia by one of America’s best known engineering and construction companies, Bechtel. This is just the first of many to come. We look forward to bringing many more American companies to Serbia, in infrastructure and other areas.

Bechtel brings state-of-the-art engineering and experience, and can create novel designs not yet seen in Serbia.  By combining quality and innovation, Bechtel can demonstrate what it means to deliver the best value.  For that, we must look at the total life cycle of the project.

They are not looking to build just a highway—this is smart infrastructure that incorporates telecommunications and flood management technology.