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Business Tools

  • BIDS
    The Business Information Database System (BIDS) gives U.S. businesses up to the minute information about significant foreign government and multilateral development bank procurements. Through an interactive map interface, businesses can find new export opportunities, validated by U.S. government economic and commercial experts overseas. Public and private partners can link to or download BIDS data for matchmaking, analysis, or other purposes.
  • Direct Line for American Business:
    The Direct Line for American Business program connects U.S. businesses and American Ambassadors and U.S. mission personnel overseas, making you part of our “country team.” You will get up to the minute information on markets vital to your business, and learn about new sectors and tenders to help you expand your business. For more information and to receive announcements of new calls, visit
  • BusinessUSA
    BusinessUSA is a White House initiative that serves as an electronic clearing house for U.S. Government information and assistance that relates to business.

U.S. Government Resources

Other Resources

  • AmCham: American Chambers of Commerce (AmChams) advance the interests of American business overseas. They are voluntary associations of American companies and individuals doing business in a particular country, as well as firms and individuals of that country who operate in the United States. Currently, 115 AmCham chapters in 102 countries are affiliated with U.S. AmCham. Listings of AmChams and contact information by region of interest or country are available at AmCham USA’s website.
  • Government of Serbia: Here you can find the latest news and facts about Serbia, as well as information on important laws and contact information for Serbian Government officials.
  • Serbian Ministry of Finance: Here you will find information on the economy and finances of Serbia, including macroeconomic data, budget execution data, and the latest government economic decisions.
  • Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Here you will find a list of diplomatic missions, as well as information about the ministry’s structure and Serbia’s economic diplomacy.
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia:Here you will find the latest Serbian business news, as well as information on the activities of the Chamber, basic commercial laws, business forums, bilateral agreements, and the services that the Chamber provides.
  • Serbian Business Registering Agency: Here you will find a register of companies in Serbia as well as information on Serbian commercial laws and regulations, the financial statements of companies, and contact information.
  • National Bank of Serbia: Here you will find information on the Serbian laws and regulations related to monetary policy, banking supervision reports, inflation reports, and statistics about the financial system in Serbia and exchange rates.
  • Statistical Office for the Republic of Serbia: Here you will find statistics related to GDP, foreign trade, labor, unemployment, inflation, industrial production, census data, and more.
  • The State International Developments, Inc.: An organization that supports US state international trade agencies, provides a directory of contacts within each state’s trade or commerce office.

Serbian Customs Information

Most relevant legislation, tariff rates, and instructions are available in English at: