Donation and Support for Talented Children from Bujanovac School of Music

Amazing women of the Ohio National Guard, who had delivered self-defense courses for women in Vranje earlier this week, members of the U.S. Embassy and Spirit of America NGO representatives visited the Bujanovac School of Music.  This school, located in the far south of Serbia, away from the large centers, gathers Serbian, Albanian and Roma children and nurtures their friendship and their love for music. Many of these children live outside Bujanovac and cover long distances several times a week to attend their music school. Their instructors, who all live far from Bujanovac, also commute a long way from Vranje, Leskovac or even Nis.  During the competition season these committed instructors spend over 12 hours a day practicing with their students, sometimes even over the weekend.

The U.S. Embassy and Ohio National Guard observed the amazing group and solo performances at the music school, and Spirit of America, presented more musical instruments to the school to help them continue their excellent work. The U.S. Embassy thanks Spirit of America for their generosity.  This school is a worthy project, and the partnership we have formed between the Serbian and American people is validated in the tireless work of the talented teachers, staff members, and students of this amazing institution. Some of these young musicians will represent Serbia on the international stage and we wish them the best!

The U.S. Embassy and the Spirit of America are happy that the students and their teachers of this school were willing to perform for our guests during the International Women’s Day reception on Thursday, 07 March 2019, in Vranje where we gathered successful women (and men) which included local government leaders, business entrepreneurs, teachers, and students.   They had an excellent program and our guests were really impressed with their performance!