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Electrical Low Voltage Switchgear Maintenance – Solicitation 19RB1022Q0003
March 3, 2022

Notice Type: Solicitation
Number: 19RB1022Q0003
Issued: March 3, 2022
Deadline for submittal of quotes: 17:00 local time Belgrade on March 23, 2022

The U.S. Embassy in Belgrade intends to establish a contract for preventive maintenance services on the facility’s main service electrical distribution switchgear for U.S. Embassy Belgrade, Serbia resulting from this solicitation. If you are interested in submitting a quote, please download the below listed invitation letter and solicitation document(s), follow the enclosed instructions and complete all fields highlighted in yellow.

  1. Solicitation Invitation Letter (PDF 94 KB)
  2. Solicitation Document 19RB1022Q0003 (PDF 7 MB)
  3. Question Submission Form (PDF 53 KB)
  4. Site Visit Registration Form (PDF 246 KB)
  5. Experience and Past Performance Form (PDF 99 KB)
  6. Solicitation amendment 001 (PDF 1 MB)

The Embassy will consider all quotes which are received on time and are in compliance with the terms of the solicitation. If you are unable to download the solicitation documents please email a request to BLG-Procurement@state.gov