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Embassy Expands Regional Law Enforcement Cooperation and Support with FBI Office
June 4, 2021

The United States Embassy in Belgrade, Serbia, is pleased to conduct expanded law enforcement cooperation with Serbia and neighboring countries through our FBI regional office.  Governed by mutual agreement with host nations, regional FBI offices work to protect Americans by partnering with host nation law enforcement in the fight against international criminal activity, including terrorism, human and drug trafficking, cybercrime, and other threats. The FBI stations special agents and other personnel overseas at more than 60 such offices in embassies around the globe.

Embassy Belgrade’s FBI office works with Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro and has provided advanced investigative and police training to Serbian and regional law enforcement officials through its Training Academy in Quantico, Virginia. The Embassy is proud to partner with the Governments of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro to better protect citizens in all of our nations from international criminal activity.