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English Language Programs Funding Opportunity 2021
March 2, 2021

Applications deadline expired on May 10, 2021

The U.S. Embassy Belgrade announces an open competition for individuals and organizations from Serbia or the U.S. to submit applications to carry out grant projects in support the objectives of the English Language Small Grants as described under “Program Objectives” below. Please carefully follow all instructions outlined in the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO). PAS welcomes proposals from new applicants.

Program Objectives

The US Embassy recognizes that knowledge of the English language, and high quality, professional delivery of language instruction, offer opportunities to improve job prospects for Serbia’s citizens, expand access to information and knowledge, and promote critical thinking and media literacy. We want to support ideas you might have on how to use English to deal with different problems or challenges faced by your community, such as brain drain, limited job opportunities, the impact of COVID-19, or the spread of disinformation. Sometimes English becomes a bridge for increased communication and cooperation, among neighbors within the Western Balkans, between citizens of Serbia and the U.S., or between people from Serbia and EU member states.

Program Themes

The Embassy is seeking applications that use English language programs and activities focusing specifically on the themes below. Under some Program Themes, we are including ideas about what your project could do, but you do not need to limit yourself to these. Feel free to come up with your own creative concepts for approaches and activities that relate to the Program Theme.

  1. IMPROVING ENGLISH LANGUAGE INSTRUCTION. More specifically, your English language project could, for example, support the strengthening of English language teaching at all educational levels (K-12 and university). That could include curriculum development, approaches to distance learning, introduction of different methodologies, incorporation of new technologies, etc.
  2. STUDENT ACTIVITIES (HIGH SCHOOL OR UNIVERSITY LEVEL): More specifically, your English language project could, for example:
    1. strengthen critical thinking and/or media literacy skills of students through English language activities;
    2. prepare students for participation in international academic competitions conducted in English, e.g., Model UN (Model United Nations), moot court, etc;
    3. explain American society, culture, and values to students through English language activities.
  3. SUPPORTING PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES (PWDs). More specifically, your English language project could, for example:
    1. support development and improvement of English language teaching (either inside and outside the formal educational system) for PWDs and learning difficulties, including through; development of curriculum, educational websites and applications, and other educational tools; and disseminating information or expanding access to current/innovative trends, methodologies, including those that assist with distance learning.
    2. establish or strengthen connections between U.S. and Serbian and/or Serbian and regional (Western Balkan) groups – students, teachers, businesses, civil society organizations – using English as the common language to promote equality of PWDs in all aspects of life.
  4. IMPROVING JOB PROSPECTS & PROMOTING ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT. More specifically, your English language project could, for example:
    1. help citizens of Serbia to develop their English language skills in order to help them find jobs, with a focus on participant or beneficiaries who are economically disadvantaged students and adults, residents of rural communities, persons with disabilities (PWDs), or members of other vulnerable populations;
    2. assist cultural and historical sites attract more English-speaking visitors and thereby promote local tourism and economic development;
  5. ENGLISH FOR SPECIFIC PURPOSES (ESP). More specifically, your English language project could, for example:
    1. support entrepreneurship and innovation among high school and university studies, including in STEAM fields (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) through English for Specific Purposes (ESP) programs;
    2. provide ESP instruction to individuals (university students, recent graduates, and professionals) in certain professions (including government, civil society, academia), academic fields (including science and technology, business, etc), or other areas of interest related to U.S. Embassy objectives in order to help them: find jobs; communicate and engage with counterparts in other countries; improve the quality of writing to improve the chances their research papers will be published in academic or professional journals; draft well-written grant proposals as seek funding for scientific or academic research projects; etc…
  6. MAKING PROGRESS TOWARD EU ACCESSION / WESTERN INTEGRATION. More specifically, your English language project could, for example:
    1. assist Serbian officials and civil servants improve the English language skills needed to communicate more fluently with EU counterparts and accelerate Serbia’s progress toward EU membership and western integration;
    2. help Serbian civil society organizations engage with EU counterparts to make progress toward EU membership and western integration, including in the areas of human rights protection, media freedom, environmental issues, rule of law, combating corruption, etc.
    3. help Serbian journalists to strengthen their English language skills to conduct interviews and read primary source materials to cover stories on Serbia’s path toward EU membership and western integration, including in the areas of human rights protection, media freedom, environmental issues, rule of law, combating corruption, etc.
  7. PROMOTING REGIONAL COOPERATION AND STABILITY. More specifically, your English language project could, for example:
    1. establish or strengthen connections among English language teaching professionals and institutions from countries of the Western Balkan to promote cooperation in strengthening English language instruction within the region.
    2. promote mutual understanding, tolerance, and respect among peoples of the Western Balkans – including young people – through English language activities;
    3. identify joint approaches to solving problems or challenges facing the Western Balkan region using English as the common language;
    4. expand and strengthen ties of Serbian professional societies and civil society organizations with their English-speaking counterparts in the Balkan region, using English as the common language.
  8. STRENGTHENING U.S.-SERBIAN CONNECTIONS. More specifically, your English language project could, for example inform and educate audiences in Serbia about historical and cultural ties, common attitudes and values, cooperation in different sectors (economic, political, security, health, science), the intersection of national interests, etc.

Information Session:

PAS held a virtual information session on March 31, 2021 at 16:00 (4pm) CET to discuss this funding opportunity and to answer questions from potential applicants. If you happen to miss that online session for any reason, you can view the recording via this link.

For more information, including the detailed instructions for application please read: English Language Programs Notice of Funding Opportunity 2021. All the documents related to this NOFO can be found on the right hand side of this page.