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June 13, 2022

Memorial Plaque for U.S. Diplomat George Kennan Unveiled in Belgrade

With the support of the city of Belgrade, a memorial plaque was unveiled on June 17 to former U.S. Ambassador to Yugoslavia George Kennan, who served in Belgrade from 1961 to 1963. The memorial plaque was unveiled by Belgrade Deputy Mayor Goran Vesić, US Ambassador Christopher Hill and the son of former Ambassador Christopher Kennan. Hill said that “everyone who has had the privilege of serving in Foreign Service is aware of Kenan’s contribution, especially those of us who have had the honor of serving at the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade.”

Ambassador Hill stated that no other diplomat has left such a deep mark and influenced the course of American diplomacy and its relations towards other countries. The son of the former ambassador, Christopher Kennan, expressed his satisfaction that he is in Belgrade again and that he is attending the unveiling of the memorial plaque, as well as that his father would be touched by that recognition.