ICITAP and Serbian Ministry of Interior Attend Training for Future Women in Law Enforcement Leadership Positions

INL’s partner ICITAP Serbia travelled with representative from Serbian Ministry of Interior to Concord, New Hampshire where they will attend leadership training for  future women in law enforcement leadership positions, the training program is sponsored by IACP’s Women’s Leadership Institute (WLI). The training is from August 21-25, 2017. The primary focus is ib furthering professional development female law enforcement officers worldwide. This session is addressing both the training needs of women serving in the policing profession, and strategies for those charged with the professional development of women. Topics which are of greater interest to current leadership students include modules and lessons from current training programs sponsored by the Department of Justice, such as fair and impartial policing module.

Sessions on improving communications and counseling and incorporating leadership and wellness are also included. The final portion of the training is focused on having participants develop a strategic plan for their career with assistance from the Institute’s faculty.

The overall theme of this training supports INL’s ICITAP Serbia program for promoting higher representation of women within Serbian police service. The Serbian representative is already holding a position of authority as the Chief of the Section for Strategic Planning, Sector for International Cooperation, and this training is intended to further empower her and help her improve skills to stay on this path and take ideas acquired at the training back to her organization.