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International Anti-Corruption Day 2020
December 9, 2020

Since the passage of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption in 2003, December 9th has been observed as International Anti-Corruption Day – a day dedicated to raising public awareness about the dangers corruption poses to the stability of a society, and mobilizing political will to tackle this global issue. Corruption affects all countries worldwide and it weakens the foundation of democratic institutions, stunting economic development, undermining the rule of law, and eroding the quality of life for all citizens.

Fighting corruption is not a simple task. It’s a fight that concerns all of us and requires everyone’s involvement. It calls not just for the dedication of independent anti-corruption bodies in preventing, detecting, and holding corrupt officials accountable, but also for the active public involvement of every citizen by saying NO to corruption, not turning a blind eye, and demanding transparency and accountability from those they vote into public office.

The fight against corruption is never truly “won” or “over.” When society mistakenly believes it has won the battle, and drops its guard, corruption can and will come rushing back.  The fight against corruption, therefore, depends on citizen awareness, support, and participation.  The people are the first line of defense.  They must never let up in condemning corruption, and must never stop demanding accountability from their Government.

Today, we want to express our support for all the institutions, prosecutors, police, media, civil society organizations, but also the citizens of Serbia who are actively combating corruption and ensuring that EVERY day is Anti-Corruption Day.