Job Vacancy – Gardener, Deadline: November 5, 2018

The U.S. Embassy in Belgrade, Serbia is seeking an eligible and qualified applicant to serve as a Gardener. The incumbent of the position will perform a full range of gardening, landscaping, exterior cleaning, and snow removal at the US Embassy’s official residences as required. He/she works under the direct supervision of the Residential Maintenance Supervisor, and will be in charge of complete grounds of an allocated residence maintenance. The duties include cleaning paths, terraces, stairways, side-walks, entrances, gates, working areas and side buildings, in all weather conditions, as well as snow and ice removal, and spreading salt. The Gardener will perform a full range of gardening duties from landscaping to maintaining the yard, flowers, trees, hedges and ornamental bushes. Duties include mowing, fertilizing, watering, removal of cuttings, sweeping, raking, repairing the lawn, flowering, trenching, pruning, making planting plan, planting, watering, loosening, trimming, and weeds removal. The incumbent is responsible for maintaining gardening tools and their inventory, and performs administrative work related to gardening activities, such as preparing seasonal flowing lists and placing purchase order and petty cash request. The position is also responsible for identifying and reporting on all areas in which maintenance work is needing and where time and costs can be reduced paying particular attention to fire and life safety requirements. In the event of heavy snow and ice accumulation on roads/walkways, the position is responsible for beginning the removal of snow and cleaning at 06.00 hours giving priority to residence’s primary entrance, courtyard roadways and walkways.

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