Job Vacancy – INL Program Assistant, Deadline: November 28, 2018

The U.S. Mission Belgrade, Serbia is seeking an eligible and qualified applicant to serve as an International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL) Program Assistant, Political Section.

Duties: Performs research, data collection, drafting of INL related reports, including quarterly and annual reports. Consults with Office Of Overseas Prosecutorial Development Assistance And Training (OPDAT) and the International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program (ICITAP) when drafting pertinent reports. Monitors, researches, and advises the Political Section on rule of law and law enforcement-related political and institutional developments. Develops and maintains contacts with national and international rule of law, law enforcement, justice sector, civil society, and political representatives in Serbia. Facilitates INL programming activities, accounting and reporting, and internal management controls related to the INL program. Duties include project planning, identification of appropriate funding, human resources, determines goals, metrics, deliverables and timelines. Subsequently monitors projects, analyzes activities and deliverables and makes recommendations for project extensions, modifications or termination, in close cooperation with Political Section and INL implementers at Post, including ICITAP/OPDAT.

Serves as Grants Officer’s Representative (GOR) and Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR), executes procurement on behalf of INL and identifies new grant and procurement opportunities. Performs analysis on existing programs and proposes new programs. Assists INL, the Rule of Law Officer and INL implementers in evaluating spending patterns, identifying future resources and projects future budget requirements. Must consult and coordinate with both programs, the Political Section and INL to ensure strategic engagement and assistance with the host nation. Works with the Embassy financial management team to maintain necessary and appropriate financial and travel record, ensure proper disbursement of funds to ensure proper obligation of project monies.

As GOR and COR fills an essential role to monitor contract performance to ensure that the terms, conditions and outcomes are fully met. Must be knowledgeable of all contract clauses in order to advise and assist Contracting Officer. Visits work sites, observes activities, maintains contacts with implementers, reviews invoices for accuracy, assesses deliverables, maintain documentation and files.

Collaborates with INL in Washington DC and other Mission offices on program development, management and oversight. Interprets for Rule of Law/Political Section during meetings and translated documents. Maintains contacts with project staff, government ministries, NGOs, contractor and grantee staff, visitors, all INL implementers at Post and coordinates between all interested parties.

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