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Joint Statement From the Embassies of the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Federal Republic of Germa
January 21, 2022


We reject allegations that our countries are financing political or environmental protests in Serbia.  These claims do not reflect our partnership with Serbia.

Since Serbia’s transition to democracy, the United States, the United Kingdom and the Federal Republic of Germany have been among its most generous and reliable partners and friends, providing assistance funding totaling well over 3 billion euros.

We are clear and transparent about this assistance and our goals: to support reform, good governance, democratic development, green transition and prosperity.  Significant amounts of this assistance is provided to the Serbian Government or delivered in cooperation with the Serbian Government and its agencies.  These aims support Serbia’s stated policy of progress towards EU Accession, as well as to support reconciliation and stability across the Western Balkan region.

Without reservation we reject any suggestion that our countries, or the organizations through which we provide technical assistance and support, are funding or directing actions specifically targeting the Serbian Government or any of its policies, this includes the financing of protests. This is a damaging accusation and particularly hard to understand for organizations that for many years have worked with and supported the Serbian Government – and the Serbian Parliament –  in their reform programs and development of democratic institutions.