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Holiday Season Security Reminder

U.S. Embassy Belgrade advises U.S. citizens in Serbia of the risk of increased crime, including residential break-ins, during the holiday season. Terrorism also remains a concern across Europe, particularly during the holiday period, and we encourage you to review the Europe Travel Alert. Beware of holiday or charity scams.  The Belgrade City Sanitation Company warns ...
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U.S. Government Supports Renovation of the Serbian Ministry of Interior’s Weapons and Ammunition Stockpile Facility in Platicevo

The United States is pleased to have contributed nearly 90,000 dollars to a project to renovate the Ministry of Interior’s weapons and ammunition stockpile facility in Platičevo. This project was implemented by the United Nations Development Program’s Southeastern and Eastern Europe Clearinghouse for the Control of Small Arms and Light Weapons (SEESAC) and the Ministry ...
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Belgrade Venture Forum 2016 Opening Remarks

Minister Brnabić, Mr. Čadež, Ladies and Gentlemen, distinguished guests, I am pleased to join you at the 2016 Belgrade Venture Forum, an event focused on the essence of what makes a dynamic private sector—young people with new ideas and the drive to turn their concepts into reality.  Entrepreneurs are special people.  They need the courage ...
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