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Public Auctions
April 28, 2022


The U.S. Embassy Belgrade occasionally sells surplus movable property (SMP) via a Web Based Electronic Auction. All of the items are exclusively auctioned via the Internet. Each auction will be activated for a period of time, usually it will be active from Monday to Friday lasting two weeks. During this period you can actively take part and submit your bid for the surplus property. In order to place your bids at any of our auction, you must first register here. All the necessary information you need to know about the auction are available on https://online-auction.state.gov/. For any additional information you are welcomed to send an email to: BLGAuctions@state.gov.

We strongly recommend you read all the information published online regarding the condition of items being offered for sale before submitting bids, as lots are offered on an “as is and where is” basis and are non refundable once payment is made and cannot be returned once picked up. Maximum number of bids on one item is stated at each item. Increasing your bids is possible only in the local currency name.

Payment for the items is possible only by PAY.GOV and instructions can be found below or “how it works” at auction page.

In order to retrieve your items, you must present the original receipt of bank money transfer with all required details included in the payment paragraph above or a printed version of the Internet banking money transfer.

Any paid items that are not picked up during the scheduled time frame will be disposed of, and there will be no possibility for their retrieval. In special cases or circumstances, you may arrange a different pick-up date and time by contacting the auction manager.

After successful confirmation of payment for your items, our staff will move your items out to the front of the storage building. From that time on, you are the owner of your merchandise. You will have the full responsibility for subsequent handling procedures and removal from Embassy property in a timely manner. If items are not removed in a timely manner they may be considered abandoned and disposed of.

Public Auctions

For all active auctions please check U.S. Embassy Online Auction website at https://online-auction.state.gov/en-US


Instruction on how to pay using pay.gov

  1. Go to the following website:
    Pay.gov – Overseas Cashier Payments-CGFS Charleston posts
    Press “Continue to the Form”
    Please Note:  If you are paying through pay.gov you can only pay in U.S. dollars.
  1. Enter your Name, Street Address, City, Country (use the drop-down menu and select “Serbia”), Daytime Phone Number, and Email Address. Leave the State blank.

  2. For Bill of Collection Number field, enter the lot number that you are paying for. For example, if you are paying for Lots 1 and 4, enter “Lot1Lot4.”
  3. For Payment Owed To field, use the drop-down menu and select “Belgrade-US Embassy (YUG).”
  4. For Reason for Payment field, use the drop-down menu and select “Auction/Proceeds of Sale.”
  5. For Payment Description field, type the following: Month, 2022 U.S. Embassy Belgrade Online Auction
  6. Lot No.(s) and final amount owed. You should make only one combined payment if you won multiple lots. Be sure to include the details for each lot won in the Payment Description field.

  7. For the Amount field, enter the total amount paid for all lots won in U.S. dollars. This should match the total amount calculated and sent in the notification from the U.S. Embassy.
  8. Click View PDF to preview the information you entered. Review all information for accuracy.
  9. Select “Continue” to proceed to payment details.
  10. On the next page, select your payment method: Bank account (ACH: only if you have a U.S. bank account), PayPal or international credit/debit card. Then select “Next.”

  11. Once you have entered the payment information, select “Review and Submit Payment” located at the bottom right of the page.
  12. You will receive confirmation of payment from pay.gov to the email address you provided. Please retain all accompanying records. You may also forward confirmation of payment to BLGAuction@state.gov. Payments will take up to 5-7 business days for processing. The U.S. Embassy Belgrade will notify you upon receipt of payment.

Solicitation 19RB1021Q0730 – Boat for shallow water

Notice Type: Solicitation

Number: 19RB1021Q0730

Issued: August 06, 2021

Response date: August 23, 2021, 17:00 local time.

The U.S. Embassy in Belgrade has a requirement for water scooter and intends to award a firm-fixed-price, resulting from this solicitation.  If you are interested in submitting a quote, please download the below listed invitation letter and solicitation document(s), follow the enclosed instructions and complete all fields highlighted in yellow.

The Embassy will consider all quotes which are received on time and are in compliance with the terms of the solicitation. If you are unable to download the solicitation documents, please email a request to BLG-Procurement@state.gov