Statement on 20th Anniversary of the Murder of the Bytyqi Brothers

Today we mark a grim anniversary. Twenty years ago, Ylli, Agron, and Mehmet Bytyqi were taken from a police station and released into the custody of Serbian special police units. Two years later, the bodies of these three American citizens were found in Petrovo Selo in eastern Serbia on a base controlled by a unit under the command of Guri Radosavljevic. The hands of the victims had been tied behind their backs, and each man had been shot in the head. Though twenty years have passed, their murders still have not yet been properly and fully investigated. Their deaths are something we cannot and will not forget. Obtaining justice for the Bytyqi brothers remains a priority in our bilateral relationship with Serbia. The United States government again calls on Serbian authorities, who have promised to assist in this case over the years, for a resolution to this case.