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U.S. and Serbia Partner to Promote Trade Compliance
February 5, 2020

The United States Embassy in Belgrade has partnered with the Serbian Ministry of Trade, Tourism, and Telecommunications (MTTT) to increase compliance with international standards for the export of arms, military equipment, and other strategic goods produced in Serbia, which will not only help the Serbian economy, but also contribute to global and regional security. The partnership has resulted in a new online screening tool that is designed to increase the Serbian export control system’s compliance with international standards.

Lawful military exports are an important component of Serbia’s economy, and Serbia’s global military exports were valued around $800 million in 2018.  The new embedded screening tool on an MTTT-hosted website allows companies to verify in advance that their planned exports do not violate internationally recognized controls and sanctions.

The initiative will also assist the Serbian industry with the implementation of their own internal compliance program (ICP), which will allow them to efficiently obtain global export licenses in future. The accredited ICP will allow for more efficient exports while also maintaining compliance with international standards and regulations.