U.S. Embassy Belgrade Helps Mark International Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Pink market place called “Million reasons…” took place in Knez Mihailova street, on the 22nd of October, on the occasion of the International Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This outdoor humanitarian market place  gathered everyone supporting women battling against breast cancer with one goal- to restore hope to women battling against this disease. The U.S. Embassy in Belgrade together with Avon, B92 Fond and the National Association of Cancer Treated Patients (NALOR) have traditionally collaborated with a number of health institutions in order to raise awareness about the importance of early breast cancer detection and prevention.

Observers have with great enthusiasm welcomed brave participants of the traditional Men’s Race in high heels among whom were the hockey players of Belgrade, who raced in support of all women who are going through the breast cancer diagnosis and all those that have been successfully cured.

Visitors had a chance not only to find out more from the medical institutions’ representatives about the importance of prevention and early detection, but also about the treatment process. Every year, about 1,600 people in Serbia lose the battle with this disease.

Erika Kuenne, Cultural Attaché of the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade, said that the U.S. Embassy supports this initiative not only because of women who lost the battle with breast cancer, but to celebrate the strength of those who won the battle and those who are currently battling breast cancer. We want to highlight the importance of regular medical examinations as the most important part of prevention.