U.S. Serbia Civil-Military Cooperation and Training

U.S. Army Civil Affairs personnel recently completed a 4-day seminar with the Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) element of the Serbian Armed Forces (SAF) at the SAF Air Forces Command Building.  This team’s work with the SAF helped support their Partnership for Peace goals and will prove useful in SAF’s upcoming rotation as part of the European Union Forces Battlegroup HELBROC (including Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus, Ukraine, and Serbia).  This interaction further demonstrates Serbia’s commitment to exporting security though participation in important peacekeeping operations in support of UN and EU missions in places like the Central African Republic in Africa, Lebanon in the Middle East, and elsewhere.

CIMIC personnel provide militaries a flexible and responsive capability to facilitate cooperation between partner nation governments, civil society organizations, Non-government Organizations, and the private sector which thereby enhances community resiliency through local engagements.  The United States looks forward to strengthening cooperation with SAF CIMIC and other SAF units in the coming months and years.