U.S. and Serbia Sign Cancer Eradication Memorandum of Understanding


Ambassador Kyle Scott and the Minister of Health of the Serbian government ass. dr. Zlatibor Loncar today signed a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in the field of research, prevention, control and disease management. Memorandum entails a direct cooperation on these issues between the Serbian Ministry of Health and the National Cancer Institute of the U.S.

“A number of people suffering from any type of cancer, as well as mortality rate resulting from cancer is extremely high in Serbia and one of the priorities of the Ministry of Health is, in fact, the eradication of this horrendous disease. I am truly honored that such a reputable institution like the National Cancer Institute of the U.S. has recognized the Serbian Ministry of Health as an adequate counterpart in this process, which shows the today’s reputation of our health care”, stated Minister Loncar at today’s ceremony highlighting that Serbia has resources and capacity to significantly contribute to the mission that has been led by the National Cancer Institute of the U.S. According to the Minister of Health Memorandum of Understanding is yet another indicator of the successful cooperation between Serbia and the U.S. that has been at a very high level for the last few years.

Ambassador Scott used this opportunity to congratulate Minister Loncar on success Serbian health care achieved in the last few years, primarily in terms of the Euro Health Consumer Index (EHCI) progress, that is according to him a huge step for Serbian health care into the EU surroundings, as well as the Eurotransplant membership. Ambassador Scott reminded everyone that he has recently signed up for a donor card and announced that the employees of the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade will soon be organizing another blood donation.

“By establishing the exchange of information, research and technology, together we can work on cancer eradication. That is the reason for being here today and I am sure that the cooperation between the Serbian Ministry of Health and the National Cancer Institute of the U.S. will be fertile and productive ”, said the U.S. ambassador Kyle Scott adding that this Memorandum of Understanding shows the dedication of the Federal Government of the U.S. to work together with Serbia on improving our citizens’ life quality.

According to the National Cancer Institute of the U.S. data there have been 1.685.210 new patients suffering from cancer in 2016, and it is estimated that 595.690 people fell victims to this disease in the United States. When it comes to Serbia, data shows that there are 36.000 new cases detected every year, while 20.000 people fall victims to this disease.

Besides the ambassador Scott and the Minister Loncar, prof. dr. Radan Dzodic, Director of the Institute for Oncology and Radiology of Serbia, prim.dr. Verica Jovanovic, Director of the Institute of Public Health of Serbia “Dr. Milan Jovanic Batut” and Douglas Puricelli Perin from the National Cancer Institute of the U.S.