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University Partnership Funding Opportunity 2021
March 24, 2021

Applications deadline expired on May 17, 2021

The Public Affairs Section (PAS) of the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade announces an open competition for organizations to submit applications to support the objectives of the University Partnership Program as described under “Program Objectives” below. PAS welcomes proposals from new applicants.

To access the cloud recording of the University Partnership NOFO 2021 information session, held on April 1, 2021, please click here: https://statedept.zoomgov.com/rec/share/z-5FArCvqlNJW4nWtkPRd7UuOLaiT6a82iVKrqUMyU4XMiANQjnJVYhehDRwBnrw

Priority Region:

Serbia. Note:  PAS Belgrade will give priority this year to proposals with activities focusing on audiences in university cities and towns in Serbia besides Belgrade.

Program Objectives:

The university partnership proposal should support the U.S. Embassy’s overall objectives in Serbia. Broadly speaking, we are trying to assist the Serbian people to: strengthen democracy, rule of law, and the protection of human rights; help fight brain drain and advance the country’s further economic development; promote regional stability and cooperation; cooperate with international partners to combat crime, terrorism, human trafficking, and other global challenges; and make further progress towards Serbia’s accession into the European Union.  We also strive to explain U.S. policies, culture, society, and values to Serbian audiences and deepen ties between our two countries and our two peoples.

A university partnership between Serbian and U.S. institutions of higher learning could involve in-person and/or virtual exchanges involving students, faculty, and/or administrators.

It could also include one or more of the following activities: curriculum development; needs assessments; joint online courses; joint research projects; development of a joint degree program; development of a study abroad program; sharing of best teaching practices and instructional methods; support for participation in academic conferences or student competitions (e.g., moot court, Model U.S. Congress, Model United Nations); establishing an American Studies course or academic program; setting up a center focused on American Studies; and/or establishing or strengthening a career development center.

The main goal(s) of an academic exchange could be to provide Serbian students and their professors:

  • American academic perspectives on shared areas of interest and lessons learned from the American experience in the focus subject(s);
  • Insights into current research and academic debates in the U.S. on the focus subject(s);
  • The chance to engage in discussions and debate with their American counterparts; and/or
  • The opportunity to experience and assess teaching methodologies used in American university classrooms.

On the flip side, the American participants would obviously have the opportunity to learn a great deal from their Serbian counterparts.  This partnership program will broaden their perspectives, provide them with new insights, and allow them to learn firsthand from Serbian academics about their research projects.  This academic exchange would greatly enrich the U.S. universities as well.

Development of a Research & Development (R&D) office at a Serbian university is another possible area of activity.

Program Themes:

The Embassy is seeking applications that focus on the following academic fields

  • Social Sciences:
    • International Affairs
    • Security Studies
    • Mediation, Peace, and Conflict Resolution Studies
    • Regional or Area Studies: European Studies, Eurasian or Russia Area Studies, Asian Studies
    • American Studies / African American Studies / Latino American Studies / Asian American Studies / etc.
    • U.S. History
    • U.S. Government and Politics
    • Law and Human Rights
    • Holocaust Studies
  • Journalism
  • Education:
    • Civics Education / Teaching of Social Studies
    • Holocaust and Tolerance Education
    • Special Education (for students with physical and/or learning disabilities)
    • Educational Technology (incl. distance learning)
  • Economics / Business / Management, specifically:
    • Agro-business and Agricultural Development
    • e-Commerce, e-Business
    • Renewable & Sustainable Energy Studies
    • Tourism Management / Cultural Preservation / Museum Management


PAS is unable to fund specific R&D projects, but we welcome proposals that would help Serbian universities strengthen their own R&D efforts.

Participants and Audiences:

Based on the objectives, themes, and potential activities mentioned above, PAS expects that the participants or primary audiences for your project would be Serbian and American students, professors/academics, and/or administrators.

You might have secondary audiences or beneficiaries, too.  Depending on the focus field of your proposed university partnership project, these may include media, civil society organizations or wider professional audiences within your particular field.

Information Session

To access the cloud recording of the University Partnership NOFO 2021 information session, held od April 1, 2021, please click here: https://statedept.zoomgov.com/rec/share/z-5FArCvqlNJW4nWtkPRd7UuOLaiT6a82iVKrqUMyU4XMiANQjnJVYhehDRwBnrw

In order to submit your application please read detailed instructions:  University Partnership Notice of Funding Opportunity 2021. All necessary forms and documents are listed and available for download on the right hand side of this page. Applications, inquiries and all other questions should be sent to BelgradePASUniv@state.gov

Please check for information on other PAS funding opportunities on the U.S. Embassy website at:  https://rs.usembassy.gov/grants-programs/.