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May 5, 2022

Valuable Equipment Donation For VMC Karaburma

Ambassador Christopher Hill handed over a U.S. donation to the Military Medical Center in Karaburma. Serbian Minister of Defense Nebojsa Stefanović also attended the handover of the donation. Stefanović thanked Ambassador Hill and the United States for the excellent cooperation, emphasizing that in the last decade, donations to the entire sector of the Ministry of Defense and the Serbian Army amounted to more than 47 million dollars. “Those investments were significant both in technique and equipment, but also in the training of our people,” he said, adding that Serbia wants to continue developing such a strategic partnership with the United States in the future. Ambassador Hill said that the Military Medical Center in Karaburma is an example of growing cooperation between the United States and Serbia. “It is not just a question of equipment, but also of cooperation and technical ability of Serbia to install this equipment and use it in the right way,” he said.
Ambassador Hill also said that he is looking forward to the cooperation of the U.S. Army with the Serbian Army at all levels. “We are looking forward to further cooperation and it is important for the United States and Serbia to look ahead to the future and what else can be done,” the US ambassador added.